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Courts Asia Set To Increase Marketing Spends With Regional Expansion

August 14, 2017

When we recall home furnishing and electronics retailer Courts moves in the sports and content landscape, we probably think of its prior football partnerships, namely a regional deal…
Sony board

Sony Re-Emerges at the International Champions Cup

August 1, 2017

At the recently completed International Champions Cup in Singapore, one sponsor stood out for two reasons - its re-emergence in the Sponsorship space, and their above average activation…

Report: How Brands Are Banking On Short-Form Video In China

May 25, 2017

Move over Snapchat and Instagram. Brands in China are using a more sophisticated beast when it comes to short-form video, according to research agency Chozan.

Interview: Tiger Beer Makes Surprise Return to Sports Sponsorship

April 5, 2017

Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) flagship brand Tiger Beer has made a surprise move back into sports sponsorship via a deal with Rugby Singapore for the IRB HSBC Singapore…

MasterCard Making Noises to Push Back into India’s Sponsorship Market

January 27, 2017

Mastercard is planning to strengthen its sponsorship presence in India by getting involved in more local sporting events.
Hong Kong Sponsorship

Hong Kong’s Sponsorship Market Set For Austerity in 2017

October 20, 2016

Hong Kong’s Sponsorship market is bracing itself for an austere 2017, and beyond, as the government plans to shelve its Mega Events Fund (MEF) in March next year.

Malaysia Airlines Rises from the Ashes with Liverpool FC, Overwriting Domestic Strategy with Global Play

October 12, 2016

In a dramatic about face in Sponsorship strategy - and PR perceptions - Malaysia Airlines are on the verge of an aggressive marketing play in world sport, displacing…

AirAsia Finally Boards The K-Wave Flight

September 16, 2016

Following Air Asia’s high profile collaboration with South Indian superstar Rajnikanth for his recent blockbuster Kabali, the airline is finally ready to board the K-wave bandwagon.
challenger tourist board-breaks-mould

Challenger Tourist Board Breaks The Mould With Branded Content Push in 2016

August 29, 2016

Asian pay TV operator Celestial Tiger Entertainment is diversifying into the original content business with the reality series, The Ultimate BROcation, and has found funding from a fast-rising spender…

Leading Korean Conglomerate Likely To Scale Back Spend As New Drama Unfolds in North Asia

August 24, 2016

Korean conglomerate Lotte Group has found itself neck-deep in the controversial THAAD missile crisis between South Korea and China, a catch-22 which will certainly have an impact on…