About Us


ASN has been the leading independent source of industry intelligence for Branded Content & Sponsorship in Asia since 2007 and is a must-have resource for anyone with interests in Asia.

Our founders - having spent 40 years collectively within the industry in Asia – realised that there was a black hole of information when it came to Content and Sponsorship in Asia. Now - with brand spend in the medium growing as fast as paid digital spend – our news, data & decision making tools help 5,000+ Content and Sponsorship professionals make smarter investment decisions in Asia.

Each year we capture and index ~US$10b of investment taking place in Asia, created by ~7,000 active brands, across 75 brand categories, in 22 countries... no other company has the depth of data in Asia.

We offer both a free, fundamental intelligence service - to enable the whole industry, as a minimum, to get the headlines on what's happening via an extensive News service - as well as Premium services, either under an online subscription – our Data Analytics, Directories plus our latest asset, Maxplora, a revolutionary marketplace for trading Content and Sponsorship rights (UNDER REDEVELOPMENT, DUE IN 2019) – and an offline consultancy, with reporting and training services to support more customised needs.

Support: We've built a few helpful assets online to help prospective customers and existing users

  • a How-to Video to give you a look behind the scenes of our Premium paid product, the Analytics & Brand Directory
  • our Search Tips page
  • plus we have our ASN Helpdesk available for any really thorny issues. Drop us a line here if you're having any trouble

How ASN compiles its data

ASN aggregates information from a range of permissible sources in the public domain, or from consenting parties including ASN affiliates in several Asian territories. We also invite the wider industry stakeholders to contribute to the dataset.

ASN makes every effort to qualify the deal values; where there is no transparency on the deal value, ASN triangulates estimates based on several indicators:
  • benchmarks created by averaging historic transactions in the ASN database
  • valuations from local affiliates who are closest to the deal
  • values reported in media
  • values released by rights holders
  • ASN's codified system of assessing a price, fine-tuned after 10+ years experience. The system takes into account several micro variables - a platform's status, a brand's position in the sponsor hierarchy, the sophistication of the host market, the number of dimensions to each deal, etc.

ASN only accounts for the value of rights fees in each deal (which could include traditional media assets, if bundled) and not any associated expenditure such as activation costs.

The value of multi-year Sponsorship deals is pro-rated across all the years of a deal with adjustment to reflect typical sponsorship contract norms that allow for inflation or increased value from growing audiences.

ASN defines "Asian" Sponsorship deals as those that are booked and spent on the Asian continent (excluding Middle East/West Asia, Central Asia and Oceania).

The base currency rate is USD – if the value is not reported in USD, ASN will calculate and fix currency exchange rates at the time that a deal is logged.

ASN is committed to the quality and relevance of its services and makes every effort to ensure that its data is accurate. We invite users to report any inaccuracy to info@asiasponsorshipnews.com.

Our Team

Ben Heyhoe Flint, CEO

Ben is an experienced practitioner and commentator in the Content & Sponsorship industry, sowing the seeds of ASN in 2005. He has spent 15+ years in Asia consulting to brands and leading teams at Omnicom Media Group (OMG), Ogilvy & Mather (WPP), Nielsen (Repucom) and Lagardere Sport.

Ben drives the business and is ASN's Principal Consultant using ASN's knowledge and data to build strategies and platforms. You can follow Ben's personal, apolitical industry commentary at @benheyhoeflint.


James Hamshire, 'Biz Dev'

James is one of the founders of ASN and supports Ben with new business, lead generation exercises and data quality. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of sport and is almost unbeatable at pub quizzes! He splits his time for ASN between Europe and Asia.


The Engine Room

ASN also has an editor, an analyst, two in-house researchers and now several affiliates in Asian markets to provide updates on Content/Sponsorship news and insights from across the region. We also offer internships to graduates with a natural curiousity in the power of data: if you are interested, please apply via info@asiasponsorshipnews.com.