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Often a solution for those who don’t have time or resources to mine our Analytics. What we mean by Consulting is that we can combine our unique data, our years of experience of trading in the content industry (in Asia) + desk research to offer brands or rights holders utterly impartial advice to create efficiencies in Sponsorship and Content planning.

For the buy-side (& their agencies): we can help develop a long-term Sponsorship and Content strategy for you or, more simply, identify a green-field platform opportunity that truly fits your brand/campaign, or give you a competitor analysis… or, or, or!

For the sell-side: this could be an analysis of how to monetise your assets better, identifying the most lucrative market in which to franchise your event/content format, finding you the best rights representation, designing a research plan, independently auditing research findings. And more.

This advice often manifests itself in a report format.

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Smart Lead Gen (sell-side)

If our Analytics is a 'DIY' sales accelerator, then our Lead Generation service is a DIFY (do-it-for-you!) solution which has freed up invaluable selling time for several international rights holder clients. How?

Well, we have information on 19,000+ Asian brands logged in our data... and by filtering our data, pulling in 3rd party intel and even interviewing brands, we can present back an ethically-sourced hitlist of warm sponsors who like what you have to sell. Simple! No....

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Syndicated Reports

We also produce syndicated consultancy in the form of reports which can be bought off-the-shelf. Here is a selection of some reports that we have produced:

ASN Top 50 Brands: India (2019)

Cost: US$250 (Subscribers) / US$300 (Non-subscribers)

3 Jun 2019

ASN Top 100 Brands: Asia (2019)

Cost: US$250 (Subscribers) / US$300 (Non-subscribers)

3 Jun 2019

ASN Top 50 Brands: China (2019)

Cost: US$350 (Subscribers) / US$400 (Non-subscribers)

3 Jun 2019

Singapore Market Analysis: 2014-2018

Cost: US$400 (Subscribers) / US$500 (Non-subscribers)

7 Sep 2019