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ASN is the world's leading source of news, data and insights for the Sponsorship & Branded Content industry with interests in Asia. By constantly tracking ~US$10b of trading activity in the Asian marketplace each year - and the insights around this activity - we help over 5,000 industry professionals make smarter investment decisions in Asia.

Our plans range from free (!) to all-in, with bitesize options from as little as $8 per month if you’re looking for focussed intel:

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Free fundamental business intelligence


Business critical Sponsorship intel including Analytics & Leads. One year commitment. Starting at 1 user


Fundamental Sponsorship/Branded Content intel to help strategic decisions, direct to your inbox

Premium Newswire

Original research, brand interviews & other highly valued insights to drive business decisions or leads

News Archive

Fundamental insights for planning, drawing on thousands of insight pieces

Analytics Dashboard

Dynamically search ASN's dataset of 225,000+ Content & Sponsorship deals in Asia for tighter investment and sales planning

Brand Directory

Connect with 3,800+ industry decision makers on the buy-side in Asia (& 1,700+ in our sell-side Directory)

Onboarding & Support

Free 1 hour training session upon subscription + ASN hotline support

Analytics only, >$500

ASN Smart Services

Lead Generation, Consulting, Reporting, Training

Full rates Discounted rates

Preferred 3rd party products & services

Reports, conference passes, specialist consultancy etc

Full rates Discounted rates

Free 2-hour Workshop

Troubleshoot any commercial issue: sales strategy, activation brainstorming, leads top-up, research planning etc

For Unlimited users only