Tips & Tricks


We are often commissioned to produce reports for clients who need more complex analysis of our data. We’ve produced:

  1. Market Snapshots: for deeper understanding of singular markets, vs. the ASN Index (rest of Asia)
  2. Competitor studies: for strategy reports to management
  3. Rights Holder studies: in a way, also competitor studies

Our back-end offers a few more ways to cut the data which can unlock more insights than the front-end. Here are some of the different outputs that can go into the reports:

  • Sport vs Non-sport splits. Useful for market sizing and competitor studies
  • Spend by “Genre”. As in our Annual Report, this segmentation charts macro money moves across ASN’s 5 major ‘buckets’ of data:
    • Event-based activity
    • Annual Properties (that last the whole year round)
    • Celebrities & Teams
    • Content, and
    • Stadia
  • Comparisons of 3> queries. For bigger competitive sets
  • Year-on-year splits. Instead of absolute numbers available on the front end, we can show YOY movements in percentage terms
  • Agency/broker splits. Where we can, we tag the media agency, creative agency or any intermediary agency involved in broking a deal. So we can show you the most productive agency partner. Useful for both brands and rights holders…

ASN also then adds its own interpretation of the trends – including “insider knowledge” to explain unconventional market movements – so that the data in each report is complimented with insightful editorial explaining the ‘why’ behind the trends.

So if you’re a subscriber, and you need even more specific analysis, drop one of the ASN team a line (or via the generic email and we’ll either provide these insights f.o.c. if it’s a simple data run, or at a discounted rate if it’s more complex. Non-subscribers are charged at full analyst rates.