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The Building Blocks of Sponsorship Value

When ASN has trained rights owners, they’ve sometimes challenged us to come up the total value of their platform such that they can price it fairly and effectively.

This can be a tricky calculation because Sponsorship is not a straight-forward, one-dimensional media channel that is governed by tangible value alone nor traditional media currencies that usually start with a ‘cost per’ prefix. There are a whole bunch of intangible benefits that can swell a price, and rightly so.

So – extracted from one of our 15 training programme modules – this is how we went about dissecting the value of a platform to understand that intrinsic value – and direct costs – that lie within the potential final market price of any given platform. The three columns represent – Physical Costs, Measurable benefits and Intangible benefits:

How to understand the intrinsic value elements of your sponsorship platform

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