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The ASN definition of Content

For ASN, the definition of Content is very broad and there is even more confusion with the arrival of another marketing term – ‘Content Marketing’. To clarify the confusion – and at the same time illustrate which type of brand activity ASN captures in our ‘Content’ Genre – this is our position (and we will just use the term “Content” for simplicity’s sake).

Content activity qualifies for inclusion in ASN’s databases if it is paid content (not paid media, although we will include that value if it’s bundled in), usually with a partner to help deliver the activity. It can appear in the following guises:

  • Original ‘television/video’ content created and scripted for a brand, distributed on TV, Online or Mobile, i.e. Branded Content
  • Media sponsorship (Television) – in its simplest form, this is signalled by a “This programme is presented by BRAND” tagline. In some countries, this sits as stand-alone activity or as the result of a bonus awarded for a bulk advertising purchase. Sponsorship purists would disagree that this is a true sponsorship. But in the majority of markets, media sponsorships are often just one facet of a multi-faceted Content deal and are therefore more authentic. Therefore, ASN includes this media activity to address the majority of cases. In India, ASN’s values are a proportion of the advertising spend that are the source of the bonus.
  • Media sponsorship (Online) – e.g. a ‘takeover’ or co-branding of a digital publisher’s channel, or sub-section of a channel
  • Branded app or widget
  • Product placement
  • Content licence deal – a simpler deal which often looks like the purchase of Intellectual Property rights – imagery, music, clips – for brand promotions or consumer contests


The only variant we don’t capture is (short-form) editorial Content that is owned and/or earned and it normally does not have a partner platform. For ASN, this is Content Marketing, e.g.

  • posts created for a brand’s own website or social channel
  • a white paper authored wholly by the brand, hosted on its own website or social channel