Technology Brands India Sport Sponsorship

Tech Companies Dive Into India Sport To Reach Lower Tier Towns

October 14, 2019

Tech companies are diving into sport sponsorships to fuel engagement in India’s smaller towns as well as reach a larger audience across the nation.
Byjus Team India Shirt Sponsorship

EdTech Startup Byju’s Replaces Oppo In Team India Shirt Sponsorship Deal

July 26, 2019

India’s most valuable edtech startup Byju’s has replaced Chinese smartphone maker Oppo as the shirt sponsor of the Indian National Cricket team.

Oppo Rumoured To Leave Major Cricket Sponsorship In India

July 13, 2019

A new shirt sponsorship for the Indian national cricket team might be on the cards, according to insiders, who believe Oppo is working to off-load the contract to…
Puma India ICC World Cup #SockThem

ICC World Cup Spawns Musical Ambush in India. And Virat Kohli dons a Puma sock puppet... Wait, what?

June 7, 2019

Fuelled by the ICC World Cup fever, a cross-section of brands in India have jumped on the bandwagon - with their bands - and created musical themed campaigns,…
Kent RO Sri Lanka ICC World Cup

Kent RO Continues Investing In Cricket Across South Asia

May 5, 2019

In a move to cater to international markets, Indian water purifier company Kent RO Systems Limited has announced its Principal Sponsorship deal for the Sri Lanka Cricket Team…
Vivo IPL

Vivo Leverages IPL’s Popularity; Market Share Doubles

April 27, 2019

The Indian Premier League (IPL) wave has obviously worked for Chinese mobile brand Vivo as it doubled its market share in the nation’s smartphone segment in the first…
TCL ESPN Born A Legend

TCL Backs Another Inspirational ESPN Branded Content Series

April 12, 2019

TCL, the world’s third largest television brand, has reignited its partnership with ESPN, backing “Born A Legend” a new branded, short-form video content series.
IPL wedding singer rajasthan royals

What the... Wedding Entertainers Gatecrash IPL Rajasthan Royals?!

March 27, 2019

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is vast in its Sponsorship diversity, as it reaches all corners of society... but the latest Sponsorship 'union' has come from beyond leftfield.
Kings Punjab XI IPL 2019

IPL’s Kings XI Punjab Desperately Scrambles For A Title Sponsor

March 21, 2019

With a mere three days for their opening IPL 2019 match next Monday, Kings XI Punjab are still without a title sponsor for the season.
CSK 2018

CSK Pockets Deal With South Indian Liquor Maker

February 23, 2019

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have announced a deal to promote British Empire and SNJ 10000 Packaged Drinking Water, two sub-brands of the SNJ Distilleries group.