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Senan Stewart

Executive Director, Endeavor Analytics

ASN has become an indispensable platform at Endeavor, and is consistently our primary resource for analysing the sports marketing and sponsorship landscape across Asia. The quantity and accuracy of sponsorship deal data available for Asia through ASN surpasses my experiences with global intelligence platforms, and we rely on the intelligence and insights for our work with both rights holders and brands

Eric M Gottschalk

Founder and CEO, MMC Sportz Asia

In this ever-growing sports industry in Asia, ASN has established themselves as one of the most credible to-go places for key market insights, research, qualitative as well as quantitative data.         For me, ASN  is an essential tool to support our day to day business

Paul Poole

Founder, The Sponsorship Experts

To quote Victor Kiam II I liked it so much I bought the company  

Shizhe You

Director, Fuse

ASN data has helped significantly, especially with insight generation - I've been able to develop a picture of the Thai sports marketing landscape to help local clients looking to expand into the market

Lukas Weigel

Associate Director - Partnerships & Business Development, Infront Sports & Media AG

Asia Sponsorship News has been an invaluable resource for me as a subscriber, providing timely and comprehensive coverage of the sponsorship landscape across the region. The articles, analysis, and information have helped me stay informed and make informed decisions for Infront Sports Pan-Asia. I highly recommend Asia Sponsorship News to anyone looking for a reliable and insightful source of sponsorship news in Asia

martin pond

Martin Pond

Head of Partnership Sales – EMEA, Manchester City Football Club

ASN has been an invaluable partner for me and my teams for years in Asia. Their data has allowed us to spot unexpected opportunities in the Asian markets, and go into sales meetings armed with critical insights about the companies we’re meeting

Adam Hodge

Head of Strategy, APAC, Octagon

Octagon have subscribed to ASN for several years. Having personally subscribed to and used similar offerings right around the world, I was delighted to see that the ASN version is every bit as good as a news source and - in my opinion - superior to most in its Industry Analytics offering. We have been very happy with the accuracy and reliability of the data and impressed by the regular updates to both the data and the functionality of the site.

Julian Jackson

Founding Partner, ResultX Asia

ASN's data is second to none for information on Asian media deals that aren’t paid media. All of my clients and brands that I have worked with have found the ASN information invaluable when deciding on their future Sponsorship/Content strategies. Even though we are a relatively new business, the service has been worth every cent.

Hafidz Ja'afar

Marketing & Communications Manager, Singapore Swimming Association

Yes we did in fact close the [Yakult] deal. Of course your sponsorship workshop did help and I was glad that I attended the course.

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News & Insights

News & Insights

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Consulting & Reports

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Rights Evaluation

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